Pocket PC 2002 Themes!

You may download these themes only if you agree to the following license:

You agree to use these themes for personal use ONLY, and for no commercial purpose.  You may freely download them, and beam or send them to others, so long as you receive nothing in return, including any sort of distribution, mailing or duplication fees.  You may NOT post these on web site(s), or link directly to the theme on our web site, though you MAY link to this page from your site. You may not mass-distribute any of these themes without explicit prior permission from us.

 These photographs are ones I have personally taken, and all are Copyright 2003 Darren DeLoach, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

To install a theme, just copy into the My Documents folder on your Pocket PC 2002 device, then choose Start | Settings | Today and select the theme. Please note these will NOT work on Pocket PC devices prior to Pocket PC 2002.

Homer, Alaska Theme.

Talkeetna, Alaska Theme.

Flying the Alaska Highway Theme

Homer, Alaska Small Boat Harbor Theme