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DSSCalc Flight Computer for Windows

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Now available!  DSSCalc for Android™ All of the features of our DSSCalc Windows product, with a mobile interface! 

DSSCalc gives you all the power of an electronic handheld flight computer right on your desktop or Tablet computer! All the functionality of a handheld electronic flight computer, as a popup Windows application. DSSCalc has been around for nearly 20 years and is used by thousands of general aviation, commercial and military pilots around the globe. Quick, easy and accurate preflight calculations. Menu-driven aviation computations and complete on-line documentation make DSSCalc a breeze to use! The best part is the price: only $ 10.00!

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DSSCalc/Win - $10.00

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Sample Screens:

Sample DSSCalc Screen
Here a basic wind problem is being solved. The user has entered the items in black text; the items in blue were automatically calculated.

This is the main problem-type menu. A click on one of these buttons brings up the problem-solving menu for that type.