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DSSLog Pilot's Logbook for Windows

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Introducing DSSLog, the easiest way to track your logged flight time! Using DSSLog, you can easily input all of the required flight log information including your own custom-defined columns, then quickly create flight time summary and pilot currency reports (even reports which you create) with only a few mouse clicks.

DSSLog is the computer equivalent of your Pilot's Logbook. Much like your logbook, you must fill in various columns of required information about each flight... but unlike your written logbook, with DSSLog you'll be able to extract useful information from your log data in seconds with only a few clicks of your mouse!

How many hours do I have in Complex aircraft? In Tailwheel airplanes? Floatplanes? In the last three months? Am I "IFR current" in my approaches and instrument time? Can I carry passengers? All of these questions, and many more, can be answered by Summary and Currency reports which you can define and print based on your logged hours.

In addition to several basic predefined reports, you can create your own individualized record filters to produce Summary and Currency reports which give you exactly the information you want from your logs. Plus DSSLog provides a useful backup of your written logbook. Imagine your predicament if you lost your logbook... the ability to reprint your logbook on demand in such a case is a powerful advantage to maintaining on-line records as well as written ones.

All the features you need at a LOW PRICE price you can afford: only $ 19.95!

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Sample Screens:

Sample DSSLog Screen
This is the main program window. Note the toolbar across the top for quick access to data and reports.

A log record being added; here the basic route information is being entered. Note the "tabbed" dialog-- just click the folder tabs in the dialog to jump around to each section. All data entry dialogs in DSSLog adhere to this easy-to-use format!

Here is a sample of a pilot currency rule. Several rules to match the U.S.A. FARs are already defined for you, and you can add as many customized rules as you like!

This is the data entry dialog for creating a custom summary report. You can create as many flight time summary reports as you want. We give you options to indivudually select specific aircraft categories and classes, pilot rating categories and classes, and other aircraft characteristics (such as gear or powerplant) you want to include in your custom report.

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