FAA Knowledge Exam Study for Windows

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You'll love our FAA Knowledge Exam Study Software for Microsoft Windows! Databases for the Private, Commercial and Instrument Pilot exams are available. We get email and letters every month from satisfied customers crediting our software for their high FAA test scores... we can help you too!!

With a rich user interface, all of the FAA Airplane exam questions, on-screen figures, AND EXPLANATIONS for each incorrect answer, you'll quickly be ready to take your exam!  

DSSTest also integrates with DSSCalc for Windows for questions that require a flight computer to solve.  Launch DSSCalc with a single click on the toolbar...  No need to skip questions which require a flight computer!

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Although DSSTest is priced lower than other comparable packages, we didn't skimp on features! With a rich user interface, built-in DSSCalc flight computer integration, and explanations for incorrect answers, all at a value price, DSSTest is one of the best values around! 


"[DSSTest] is a thoroughly contemporary program with great graphics. It is much more flexible and easy to use than earlier-generation programs, yet it costs practically the same. All in all, it is one of the best bargains around..." — Geza Szurovy, Private Pilot Magazine, June 1995.

Sample Screens:

Sample DSSTest Screen
Here is the basic screen you'll see during a Study or Test session. Just click on any of the answer buttons to answer the question, or use your mouse to zoom or scroll the picture!

To use DSSTest, first create a new Study Session by choosing the topics you want to review questions on, or any questions you have missed in earlier sessions...

...or try a sample timed exam, just like the real one!

If you incorrectly answer a question, a description of why your answer is wrong, plus references to find more information about the question are displayed on-screen.

At the end of each Study or Test Session, a grading summary is displayed. Your session history is saved in a database for you to examine or print. When your Test Session scores are always above passing, you are ready to take the real exam!