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DSSTop Takeoff Performance Computer for Windows

DSSTop is the ULTIMATE takeoff performance computer! Throw away your old "Koch chart", DSSTop uses a "Performance Wizard" to gather virtually every parameter that affects takeoff and rate of climb performance to compute your takeoff and climbout performance under your existing conditions (for example loaded weight, wind, density altitude, runway surface, runway slope, etc.)  Allows you to store all the aircraft you fly in a database for easy selection of the base performance numbers used in the computations.  Of course, it wouldn't be software from us if it didn't pack a ton of features at a value price...  only $ 10.00!

WARNING! DSSTop is neither a substitute nor a replacement for your aircraft's Pilot's Operations Handbook (POH). The POH for your aircraft has the final legal word on the performance characteristics of your aircraft during takeoff, climbout and landing! The computations in DSSTop use performance and engine behavior averages across a wide variety of aircraft and engines, and are not likely to exactly represent your specific aircraft and engine, especially at very high density altitudes. You should use DSSTop only as a guideline for how certain parameters such as weight and altitude generally affect an aircraft's performance. USE DSSTop AT YOUR OWN RISK! You must ALWAYS check your POH for the exact performance numbers for your situation, and you should always compute the POH performance numbers before every takeoff. A good pilot adds a 50% safety margin or more for EVERY takeoff!



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