Homebuilt Aircraft


Line Voltage Thermostat - If you're building a composite aircraft, you'll need to build a warming box to keep your epoxy at an even temperature around 75 - 85 degrees F. You can use lightbulbs (ex. 40 Watt) as heating elements, but you'll need this thermostatic switch specially designed to switch 110VAC (line voltage) to control the temperature by cycling the lightbulbs on and off. In addition to this thermostat, you'll need about $5 more in parts: a pair of lightbulbs and bulb sockets, some AC wire (extension cable works fine), a standard electric mounting box and a 120VAC, 1.5A fuse (for fire safety). Mounts in a standard electric box. Range 50 - 90 degrees F. Rated 22 Amp, 125-277 VAC. Clearance $ 9.00