DeLoach Family Flying Album

Darren and Cheyenne (age 2 here) back on the ground after a flight from North Carolina to the Grand Canyon (Darren hasn't shaved in two weeks!) The airplane is N3226W, a 1965 Cherokee 6 (PA32-260).

Our son Cheyenne, age 2 here. The hat is for the Durham (NC) Bulls, not Denver! The headset is a Peltor 7004, the only one adjustable enough to fit adults all the way down to the very young, and lightweight enough for kids (about 13 ounces). We can get 'em now, see our Pilot Supplies page.

Cheyenne is the often my co-pilot. I'll have no trouble soloing him on his 16th birthday!

Air tour of the Grand Canyon, October 1994. GCN reported 65 miles visibility that day!

N3226W is a 1965 Cherokee 6, here on the ground at SEZ Sedona, Arizona (Sedona is named after Jeanne's great-grandmother!).

Cheyenne, age 5, Fall 1997. You'll note he's finally fulfilled his genetic destiny (eyeglasses at 5!).

Sierra at 7 months, Fall 1998. She was born in March.

My Cozy Mark IV plans-built four seat canard airplane as of January 25, 1998. I had just floxed the sides to the bulkheads, and used inexpensive threaded rods and 1x2s to hold the sides together while curing.

Our new pride and joy! We just bought N7353E in September 1998, a 1960 Cessna 210 with a Continental IO-470E 265HP fuel-injected engine, McCauley 2-blade constant speed prop, and retractable gear.