Clearance Items!

These are miscellaneous inventory items left over from when we were also a pilot supplies shop.  Since we're now largely a software business, we're trying to clear up some shelf space.  First-come, first-served until they're all gone!  

For items without PayPal buttons: email us a note with what you want, we'll send back a PayPal request that includes shipping.

Pilot Supplies

We've got three Oregon Aero wool "Soft-Top" headset pads in stock, sized to fit Peltor 7004s but may fit others, list $19.95, special only $ 7.00.

Jeppesen Student CSG — Composite fiber and plastic E6-B flight computer, slide-rule on one side and wind computer on the other. $ 4.00


PN-1 VFR Navigation Plotter — Classic Jeppesen VFR plotter. $ 4.00

PJ-1 Rotating Azimuth Plotter — Keep plotter base aligned with route, turn azimuth to read course. 13 in. WAC, TAC and Sectional scales (Jeppesen). $ 6.00  

PV-5 IFR Enroute Plotter — Designed for Jeppesen RNAV and en route charts. $ 4.00

Navigation and Weather Logs

Jeppesen Weather/Nav Log Pad — (JS436184) 50 folded sheets fits Jeppesen binders, has flight plan form, nav log, weather log. $ 2.00


Purchasing and Evaluating Airplanes. Brian Jacobson is a full-time aircraft appraiser in his "real" job, so you know you're getting top-notch detailed information about everything from leasebacks and rentals, searching for the aircraft you want, inspecting and evaluating, purchase and sale contracts, closing, insurance, title searches and more! Very well-written, this book is packed with details only someone in the business can give you. List $ 29.95, clearance only $ 12.00!

IFR Principles and Practice — Student-oriented IFR guide. Good text, includes practice exercises. This is an excellent and inexpensive supporting text for IFR students and newly-rated IFR pilots. 134 pages, softcover. $ 7.00



Anatomy of a Spin — A complete study of the stall/spin phenomena. Emphasizes NASA stall/spin data, includes interviews with factory test pilots and draws on the author's own extensive experience in both high-performance and general aviation aircraft. 81 pages, softcover. Regularly priced at $ 8.83, sale price $ 3.50!


Flying Out of Danger — 64 NTSB Aircraft Accident Reports are examined in detail to extract practical lessons in safety and pilot error. Among the accidents are the airline flight which ran out of fuel over Portland, the airliner that crashed into a ridge while "cleared for the approach" and the collision of two jumbo jets on the runway at Tenerife. 160 pages, softcover. $ 5.00


Experimental Aircraft Builders - Hardware

Line Voltage Thermostat - If you're building a composite aircraft, you'll need to build a warming box to keep your epoxy at an even temperature around 75 - 85 degrees F. You can use lightbulbs (ex. 40 Watt) as heating elements, but you'll need this thermostatic switch specially designed to switch 110VAC (line voltage) to control the temperature by cycling the lightbulbs on and off. In addition to this thermostat, you'll need about $5 more in parts: a pair of lightbulbs and bulb sockets, some AC wire (extension cable works fine), a standard electrical mounting box and a 120VAC, 1.5A fuse (for fire safety). Mounts in a standard electric box. Range 50 - 90 degrees F. Rated 22 Amp, 125-277 VAC. Clearance $ 5.00


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