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This page will allow you to download software files from us after you have been issued a password. A password is required to decompress most product update downloads! Click on any of the software downloads to download product, which are either ZIP files or executable programs which will self-extract the software to the directory of your choice. Follow the instructions given in the description of each software download to install it after you have decompressed the programs. To get a password to allow you to decompress and install the product, email us (be sure to include serial number).

Windows Updates

DSSLog for Windows UPDATE 1.40,  4/26/05

Current Update Changes:

1. Includes the latest DSSLog for PalmOS import update.

2. New FAA Form 8710 Flight Time Summary report for help in filling out the FAA Application for New Rating!  NOTE: The "Solo" column of the report will only have data if you have a User column named "Solo".

3. Support for Light Sport and Powered-Lift categories.

4. New checkbox on the Options dialog will show Currency warnings on program startup if checked.

To install, just execute this program to run the installer. Install from the Setup program into your current DSSLog directory (usually C:\DSSLOG). After you've run the Setup program, you can delete the files from the temporary directory.

Click here to download DSSLog Upgrade, DSL140.EXE (9.3M).

Latest Airport Import Files -- Updated to NFDC data from August 2004.

To install, open the DSSLog program and use the File | Import Airports menu option, pointing at the downloaded airport file. DSSLog ships with only the Public Airport database preloaded.

USA Public Airports Import File

USA Military Airports Import File

USA Private Airports Import File

DSSCalc UPDATE for Windows Version 1.22, 11/23/05

Version 1.22 updates all prior versions of DSSCalc. Changes:

1. Fix for displaying negative lat/long values.

2. The Performance -- Climb/Descent screen has three new values:
Feet to Climb/Desc, Time to Climb/Desc, and NM Travelled.

3. The Conversions -- Time/Distance conversion screen has two changes:
"Time (Decimal)" has been renamed to "Time (Decimal Hrs)";
New value "Time (Decimal Mins)" added.

4. One completely new screen have been added to the Wind and Weather menu:
Sunrise/Sunset -- calculates official sunrise/sunset and Civil Twilight within 2 minutes for any location on the globe.

5. The Lat/Long Main Menu item has been renamed to "Navigation", along with the following changes:
-- The original Lat/Long screen is now a menu item on the Navigation menu.
-- Two addition new screens are available on the Navigation menu:
Time/Distance To Station -- Calculates time and distance to station by turning slightly off course and timing.
Off Course -- Calculates correction angle to fly when off course by a known amount.

6. Several atmospheric constants have been updated in the calculations to correspond with the 1976 US/ICAO Standard Atmosphere. The effects
of this change are minor, and primarily aimed at very high speeds (> Mach 0.6) and high altitudes (> 36K feet). The largest differences would be
seen primarily at true airspeeds close to Mach 1.0.

To install, just execute this program using the password you received from us into your current DSSCalc directory (usually C:\DSSTEST or C:\DSSCALC). 

Click here to download DSSCalc Upgrade, DSC122.EXE (590K).

DSSTimer UPDATE for Windows  Version 1.04, 3/21/06

This is an update only! You must already own DSSTimer to use this file. Version 1.04 updates all prior versions of DSSTimer.

1. Fix for problem where count-up timers doubled the cumulative elapsed time when stopped/restarted multiple times.

To install, just execute this program using the password you received from us and reinstall into your current DSSTimer directory.

Click here to download DSSTimer Upgrade, DSTM104.ZIP (351K).


Android Updates

Any Android applications will be updated using the normal Android store model.

Other Downloads

DSS Software User Manuals - Free Downloads!

These manuals are in Adobe® Acrobat® PDF file format. Look at the manuals if you want more information about our DSS software products. These files are not password protected, and are not compressed.

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DSSCalc Flight Computer for Windows User Manual DSSCalc.pdf, 99K.

DSSLog Pilot's Logbook for Windows User Manual DSSLog.pdf, 124K.