Why Buy From Us?

DeLoach.aero was formed in 1993 with one basic goal in mind: getting students and pilots great deals on aviation supplies and software.  Recognizing the need for feature-rich software that the average pilot could afford, we created and shipped our first software product soon after, in early 1994!

Though we now focus primarily on our software business, we still also continue to sell some specialty pilot supplies and books that we feel are of special note and that you may have a difficult time finding elsewhere.   I personally write and use all of our DSS software products, and build them with strong, practical features that represent a true value to you.  Many other items I sell because I personally own and use them, so I know you're getting real quality for your dollar; many comments from other satisfied customers have confirmed my belief in these products.

You'll quickly notice the personalized, careful attention you'll receive from us, unlike the "corporate" feel you'll find with other larger vendors. When you talk to my wife Jeanne or myself, you'll find folks who actually FLY, not just take orders on the phone. We understand the real needs of active pilots, and if we don't know the answers to your questions right away, you can be sure we'll get the answers and relay them to you in short order.  If we feel our product is not the right one for you, we'll often recommend another product or vendor we feel may better meet your needs.  We want you to get exactly what you need!

You'll not likely find another mail-order shop who can give you the quality of personalized service you'll find with us, and our discount prices are icing on the cake!

Darren DeLoach
Commercial Pilot - Airplane Single-Engine Land and Sea
Instrument Airplane
Private Pilot - Glider

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