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Taming the Taildragger. This is the classic, basic tailwheel book by John F. Ball. Basic flight manual for taildraggers, with performance specs for a variety of older taildragger models. The author is pretty low-key, and explains things clearly without a lot of fluff. Basic performance and limitations charts for Aeronca Champ, Citabria, Cessna 120, 140 and 170, Luscombe, Piper Cub, Pacer, and Super Cub, Stinson, and Taylorcraft. 96 pp. $ 7.50 

         Taming the Taildragger - $7.50

The Compleat Taildragger Pilot. Harvey Plourde. Comprehensive, illustrated manual which describes not only the mechanics of flying tailwheel aircraft, but also the physics and mathematics behind why they behave as they do. New chapters cover torque, crosswind landing gear, P-factor, crabbed crosswind landing, and a special section for flight instructors, with plenty of diagrams, graphs and equations to satisfy your curiosity. 263 pp, Paper: $ 23.70

         Compleat Taildragger Pilot - $23.70


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          Taildragger Combo - $30.00

Advanced Pilots

Mountain Flying Bible from Sparky Imeson isn't just a 2nd edition rehash of his original Mountain Flying book, but instead is a whole new text with almost double the material!! Each section covers a specific aspect of flight in natural order including preflight, takeoff, enroute, arrival and landing. This book presents a detailed and absolutely thorough analysis of just about everything you'll need to know to travel safely in mountainous terrain, including icons to highlight key flight-critical information, warnings, rules of thumb, possible courses of action and advanced techniques. "Operations in the mountains are little different than any place else. It's just that the safety margins are reduced to a greater extent, so a pilot can't get away with many practices that are common at lower elevations (with better aircraft performance) and more hospitable terrain (that allows the pilot to go where he wants to go)." (MF Bible) Thus you'll find chapters both on items specific to mountain flying but also more general chapters on basic aircraft operations with an eye towards achieving maximum safety and performance. Sparky's writing style is very readable, the book is extremely well organized, I absolutely recommend this book to every pilot!! List 22.95, from us only $ 19.95.

     Mountain Flying Bible - $19.95